The Ice Age Trail

Northern Wisconsin – Chippewa Moraine and Harwood Lake Segments

June 2023

Ice Age Trail, Northern Wisconsin

The Chippewa Moraine and Harwood Lake segments of the Ice Age Trail in northern Wisconsin pass by more than 20 kettle lakes and highlight several significant ice-walled lake plains. 

Our hike began near the Obey Interpretive Center, where there is a scenic overlook thanks to a glacier wall formed during the Ice Age. We hiked an average of 7 miles a day passing lake after lake formed from glacier movement.

Although relatively flat with manageable up and down hill hikes throughout, this is still a somewhat scenic hike with a lot of pretty views and twists and turns in the terrain along the way. Of my three backpacking trips thus far, this was the least technically challenging. I would like to return and do more of the scenic trail in southern Wisconsin.

Trail Highlights

  • A lot of pretty lakes throughout the trail.
  • Moderate terrain for the majority of the segment.
  • Two beautiful primitive campsites with water access.